Personal Protection


A complete range for an overall safety response.

Head protection equipment

Traditional construction site helmets, fire-fighter, forester and specific helmets, safety hats, chin, nape and jugular protection accessories…

Anti-noise protection equipment

Disposable ear plugs, anti-noise ear phones, moulded site helmets and moulded ear plugs…

Eye protection

Protective glasses, over-glasses goggles, goggle-masks, welding masks, face shields for helmets…

Respiratory protection

Disposable dust or toxic particles masks, reusable masks with filter or cartridges, leakage masks, masks with air supply…

Hand protection

From simple anti-cutting gloves to anti-shock gloves, as well as leather welding, chemical protective, insulating and lifting gloves…

Work clothing

Work and protective clothing. Protective and work clothing. Standard, high visibility, flame retardant, ATEX, for welders. Warm clothing, waterproofs… All customisable.

Foot protection

The top brands in shoes and safety boots, from the lightest to the most specific. Anti-poison leggings…

Anti-drowning protection

Life jackets and buoys conforming to the requirements of offshore operators. Anti-fall protection…

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